Welcome to the Sussex Group of the British Dragonfly Society

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The season is over and planning for a new, redesigned, and more comprehensive web site is in progress. We have secured a new - and more intuitive - 'Domain' which will be: www.bdssx.org uk as yet there is little to see, migration and programming are expected to take up much of the dark winter nights.

In the meantime there is much to read in the newsletter; together with a preview of planned field trips for 09.

James Worsley (web manager):

James.worsley@abzac.co.uk or use the 'contact us' at the foot of each page.


The BDS Sussex Group, is a small, but growing, member driven group of Dragonfly enthusiasts dedicated to the Sussex dragonfly fauna. email to: BDSsx@abzac.co.uk or use 'Contact Us' at page footer
Membership of the Group is free, as are the expert lead field trips and other occasional meetings and newsletters. The principal Officers of the group are: Phil Belden (Chairman), John Luck (County Recorder), Vicky Hale (Asst Recorder), James Worsley (Website Manager) and Fran Southgate (Newsletter Editor). Other committee members are Penny Green, Jessie Leamy, Dave Sadler.

The Group is essentially unfunded so all correspondence should be by e-mail (at end of page). Whilst the Sussex group is independent, it is also supportive of the "National Society". Members are encouraged to join the British Dragonfly Society, for the modest subscription of £15 pa.which includes two issues of the informative newsletter and the annual, and more technical, research orientated, 'Journal of the British Dragonfly Society.'